With Friends◎

I went to Yaizu-city Shizuoka-prefecture to see my friends. To see my friend we gathered from Tokyo and Gifu and abroad. It is becoming an annual event in New year. The four of us have been friends for ten years. We met by the world-around-crusing PEACE BOAT ten years ago. We promised to keep our relationship after the trip when we boarded off the boat. Then our friendship has been lasted since now.


I'm very happy to meet them and the couple who stayed us for a night is always so nice! We enjoyed the hospitality of the couple. They gave us the best treatment that we moved.

旦那さんが、 漁港関係に勤めているので、いつも最高の大トロを用意してくれています。海の幸を味わえるのが私たちが焼津まで行ってしまう理由かもしれません(笑)

The husband who hosted us works for Fisheries Cooperative so he always prepare for us the best Tuna! (I love Tuna so much!) I sometimes think the true reason why we gather in Sizuoka is to eat fresh fish!


At this time, our friend who works in overseas came to meet us. And we talked for long long hours until next day comes. It is super fun to talk with girls!
I'm lookin forward to meet them next year!