About the workforce of women.


About expected to the workforce of women, there are some difficulties to practice. The government is not making an honest effort to encourage women to work. They talk about the goal, but they don’t take effective action.
I think the government has to support not only making a new policy but also making some beneficial system to help working women.
First, we must think of a system that supports the children of work-women.
But we have some problem. We don't have enough nurseries in Japan. Many mothers want to go to work, but since they can't find any day care center for their children, they need to stay at home for children, not going to work. They are very frustrated.
Currently, the number of the children on the waiting list for nursery schools is more than 20,000.
The government has to force the nurseries to accept children. And then we must pay attention to the government focusing on the construction of public buildings. We should use the enabling facilities and reconsider about high-fee for entering nursery without authorization.
Second, we have to make the culture of our lifestyle. And we are constrained by stereotypes. For example, the women raise her children by herself. There are many old ideas that don’t match the current lifestyle of working women. I know the woman who started the housekeeping services, she said ‘when we use the housekeeping services, we think it is only for luxury (people with wealth). So it is difficult to use the services.’
We have to change the situation by using those services. Then to show the society, it is not only for the wealthy (well off).
Last, we don’t have so many role models about working women. So we can’t have the clearly imagination to work. I think if a familiar person works hard with raising up her children, I can understand how to work.

So I think Japanese women have to know many cases to work with raising children.